Are Metaverse Coins A Good Investment?

are metaverse coins a good investment

Many crypto enthusiasts have asked this seemingly simple question: are metaverse coins a good investment? and have gotten a lot of answers, some direct but some are not. A question like this cannot be treated or answered with a mere yes or no. Rather, a well-thought-out reason should be given to back any response to this question. That is exactly what this article stands to achieve – give a simple and well-thought-out reason why metaverse coins are a good investment. But first things first; before you want to consider investing in the metaverse, do you know what it is?

What Is The Metaverse?

According to Morgan Stanley, the metaverse is a concept that incorporates the creation of an alternate universe where people can model their image to whatever they want to be and execute real-life chores like buying products, gaming with friends, and other activities. Simply put, you can do everything you are able to do in real life in the metaverse but virtually.

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The Metaverse Boom

The metaverse is really booming just like a gold rush, with young people and celebrities such as Snoop Dogg pouring millions of dollars into virtual real estate. It’s been dubbed a “multi-trillion-dollar opportunity” by Fortune magazine. It’s possible that a new generation will own their first property in the metaverse (or a unique share of one).

The number of metaverse native crypto tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain on the other hand has grown from week to week, as anyone wishing to enter these digital worlds must first own the matching digital money.
Users of the virtual world Sandbox, for example, can use SAND, the platform’s utility token, to create, control, and monetize their gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain. Decentraland users, or Axie Infinity players, can breed, raise, and train their own digital pets in the same way. Each platform has its own monetary system.

Performance Of Metaverse Tokens In 2021

For those asking “are metaverse coins a good investment”, data gotten from Coingecko shows that for the year 2021, metaverse-related tokens and coins all performed very well.

1. Decentraland
Symbol: MANA
Market Cap: $6.8 billion
Performance: Over 4,000%

mana price

2. Harmony
Symbol: ONE
Market Cap: $2.2 billion
Performance: Over 4,000%

Harmony price

3. Kadena
Symbol: KDA
Market Cap: $1.9 billion
Performance: Over 8,000%

Kadena price

4. Fantom
Symbol: FTM
Market Cap: $3.9 billion
Performance: Over 8,500%

Fantom price

5. Solana
Symbol: SOL
Market Cap: $58.2 billion
Performance: Over 10,000%

solana price

6. Terra
Symbol: LUNA
Market Cap: $28.7 billion
Performance: Over 11,500%

Luna price

7. Polygon
Symbol: MATIC
Market Cap: $16.3 billion
YTD Performance: Over 12,800%

Polygon price

8. The Sandbox
Symbol: SAND
Market Cap: $4.9 billion
Performance: Over 14,600%

Sand price

9. Axie Infinity
Symbol: AXS
Market Cap: $6.8 billion
Performance: Over 18,900%

Axie infinity price

10. Gala
Symbol: GALA
Market Cap: $3.6 billion
Performance: Over 50,800%

Gala price

Are Metaverse Coins A Good Investment?

There are a variety of reasons why investors agree that metaverse coins are a good investment and are focusing their attention on the metaverse as a viable option right now. One of them is because of the performance of metaverse-related coins in the past year. The performance alone makes them stand out from the crowd with a lot of them giving thousands of returns to patient investors as you can see from their performance above.

A second reason why people choose to invest in metaverse-related tokens is that that is exactly what the big companies are doing so people are simply following in their footsteps. If the metaverse is not such a big deal and won’t lead to anything, Facebook won’t change its name to Meta. After the Facebook name change, a lot of decentralized virtual worlds have launched and they are gaining lots of traction.


If you are looking to invest in some coins, the metaverse-related ones are a good bet owing to their performance in 2021 and the bright future that lies ahead for them. Feel free to select from our top 5 metaverse coins for 2022. Enjoy.