Audius Is Building A Dazzling Radio Station In The Metaverse


metaverse radio station

A dazzling radio station in the metaverse came alive on Thursday morning in DeFi Land. Amidst a panorama of farms and cornfields, the FM radio tower was built. With its completion, a world that had only heard the pastoral sounds of virtual harvest was given the gift of song.

The tower is the result of a recent collaboration between DeFi Land and Audius, an Ethereum and Solana-based audio streaming network.

The update allows users to play the game while listening to any of the millions of songs in the Audius catalog, and it arrives just in time for DeFi Land’s public launch, which is scheduled to be announced in the coming weeks.

DeFi Land, an agricultural simulation game that teaches gamers about decentralized finance, received a $4.1 million fundraising round in September lead by Animoca Brands and Alameda Research.

Audius’ next drive to introduce its tokenized music concept to the masses is this cooperation. The service is more like SoundCloud than Apple Music or Spotify, in that it allows users to contribute their own music and sell it with tokens rather than royalties.

In September, Katy Perry, Pusha T, and The Chainsmokers led a $5 million investment round headed by Katy Perry, Pusha T, and The Chainsmokers.

In a press statement, DeFi Land founder DFL Erwin said, “With DeFi Land, we’re presenting a new method to get involved in decentralized finance, a fresh take on the area.” “Integrations like these are extremely valuable for broad adoption because they provide a unique user experience that makes participation easier and nicer, and we’re forward to see what comes next.”

With this new radio station in the metaverse now live, what next should we expect to come into the metaverse? a cinema?

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