How To Partake in PAW Coin Airdrop - 2022

PAW coin airdrop

Greetings to all our airdrop lovers. Today we present you with the PAW coin airdrop, which you can use to earn yourself some free PAW coins. Follow us as we take a deep dive into the PAW project and touch on what it entails to partake in the airdrop.

What is PAW?

If you are a lover of animals and crypto, then PAW is for you. As it is stated on their website, PAW is defined as a decentralized digital currency that offers near-instant settlement (<1 sec) and energy-efficient transactions. It’s also building on a new reward model that allows for the rapid growth of the network while using TGS for consensus.

PAW is a fork of Nano. For their distribution, Nano used a concept similar to Proof-of-Work. Users could earn coins by contributing their time and effort by completing CAPTCHA tests. PAW also boasts zero network fees, which is something unique. Check out their whitepaper to learn more about the PAW project.

PAW Tokenomics

Total Supply: 340B PAW

Proof-Of-Growth Rewards: 80% – 272B Coins
Expenses: 10% – 34B Coins
Team: 10% – 34B Coins.

Expenses include exchange listings, servers, and other bills while the team pays for the continuous development and is split among all team members.

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How To Partake In PAW Coin Airdrop

To start earning some PAW coins, you need to be invited by an already existing PAW coin holder. We at metaversecoindesk have decided to make this step easy for all our subscribers. So head on over to our Telegram Channel and drop your Twitter handle and we will send you a PAW invite.

After getting the invite, follow these simple steps to earn yourself some PAW coins.

  1. Download BIOTA wallet from google play store.
  2. Create a wallet on the Biota app. Dont forget to save or backup your wallet keyphrase.
  3. Copy your receving address.
  4. Head to twitter and direct messgae(DM) the PAW Treats Bot @TreatsBot
  5. Send “Start” to the bot.
  6. Send your Biota recieving wallet address to the bot

Congratulations! you just earned your first PAW coins.

PAW airdrop
PAW wallet

Final Words

The PAW project looks good on paper, and the airdrop gives everyone an opportunity to earn free PAW coins during this early phase. One of the selling features of PAW is the zero network fees, which makes them stand out. You can go thru their whitepaper to learn more about the project, but for now, do well to follow our guidelines to bag yourself some free PAW coins.