Metaverse Crypto Of The Week: Defi Degen Land Token (DDL)

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Welcome to another episode of our metaverse crypto of the week series. This past week of January 9 -15 has been a bit favorable for metaverse coins in general as a total of 5.7% gain was seen in the metaverse portfolio. The best performing metaverse crypto of the was Defi Degen Land token (DDL) with over 57.3% gain. This article focuses on the intricacies of this token and helps you decide if it’s worth a buy.

Defi Degen Land Token Info

Website ,
Total supply10,000,000,000,000
Max Supply10,000,000,000,000

About Defi Degen Land Token

DDL’s major offering to its holders is the metaverse, which entails creating a virtual world in which people (possible investors) can socialize, play games, and even earn crypto assets as a reward. All that is required of visitors to access the metaverse is for them to log in with their wallet (Metamask, WalletConnect, or Torus).

Part of the tokenomics of DDL is the rewarding system, which basically entails rewarding DDL holders Bitcoin for simply holding the token. Thus, making it less risky as holders do not have to stake their tokens; avoid having their funds being exploited. The token itself allocates 8% of every Transaction (buy, sell, transfer) solely for the redistribution of rewards to all holders.

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DDL Weekly Performance

This past week, DDL performed very well and did over 56.8% as data gotten from Coingecko shows. This made holders smile a lot.

DDL performance

How to Purchase Defi Degen Land Token

DDL tokens can be purchased from Pancakeswap and Crodex exchanges. Hopefully, DDL will be listed on more exchanges very soon.


Defi Degen land is a good project as far as the metaverse is concerned and if you are looking to bag some new tokens you might as well give it a try. You can also read their whitepaper to know more about the project before you decide. Stay blessed until next week.