Top 5 Metaverse Coins Mooning Amidst Bitcoin Plunge

metaverse coins

Metaverse coins and the general market is on the red now as the price of bitcoin the father of all coins continues to plunge below $42K. This has caused a lot of tension in the market as some have already concluded that the fall of the price of bitcoins is signaling the beginning of a bear market will to others, they believe recent news around the world like that of covid-19 new variant and the riots in Kazakhstan.

Whether the market plunge is a result of any of the two, that will be a story for another day. This article focuses on five metaverse coins performing well amidst the current market plunge so you can decide if you should bag them. All data is gotten from Coingecko.

metaverse coins

#1 Defi Kingdoms

Symbol: JEWEL

Price: $3.10

Market Cap: $1,162,200,686

Performance: Over the past 7 days when the general market is plunging, JEWEL has gained over 40%.

Metaverse crypto JEWEL

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#2 Magic

Symbol: MAGIC

Price: $18.26

Market Cap: $79,435,578

Performance: Magic has done over 37% in the past 7 days as the general market is plunging.

#3 Rainicoin

Symbol: RAINI

Price: $0.090918

Market Cap: $44,546,511

Performance: Raini has done over 21% in the past 24 hours and 24% over the last 7 days while the general market fared badly.

Rain coin

#4 CryptoWar xBlade

Symbol: XBLADE

Price: $0.04429430

Trading Volume: $2,807

Performance: xBlade has racked in over18% in the last 7 days.


#5 Decentraland Games Governance

Symbol: XDG

Price: $0.369212

Market Cap: $102,771,151

Performance: Amidst the fall of the market, XDG has done over 9% over the past 7 days.


Final words

Most metaverse coins are performing well during this general market fall and that could be a good reason for one to decide to bad some more. Although the heat of the market will certainly touch everyone, some coins and projects will definitely prove to be a hiding place for the wise.