5ROI Global SBull Airdrop Update - How To Withdraw SBULL Token

5roi global

Congratulations to all those that took part in the 5ROI Global SBull token airdrop. I posted an article about the airdrop a few weeks ago here. The program officially ended yesterday, February 20, 2022. From my dashboard, I saw over 50 participants that had directly registered with my referral link. I say thank you to all of you. That said, I also want you to successfully withdraw the SBULL tokens you earned upon joining the program so that you can testify that the airdrop is legit. With this in mind, I decided to put up this article as a guide on how you can successfully withdraw your earned SBULL token. But first, let’s talk a little about 5ROI Global, the exchange that did the airdrop. If you are new to 5ROI Global, kindly register HERE and enjoy a smooth crypto trading experience.

About 5ROI Global

5ROI Global is a fast-growing crypto exchange platform that was launched on September 6, 2021. 5ROI Global CEO Mr. David Do boasts of having a large liquidity system with absolute security to help investors feel completely safe when participating in transactions. More on this, 5ROI Global is constantly looking for and cooperating with famous partners in the blockchain field to upgrade the system and to bring great experiences to users.

Since its launch until now, 5ROI Global continued growing rapidly in the number of users because of its outstanding advantages, and as of February 19, 2022, welcomed 5million new registered users. Now that was really fast. Some of the advantages that 5ROI Global boast of is:

  1. Fast transaction processing speed 
  2. Low transaction fees 
  3. Transparent, safe, high security 
  4. Supporting leading electronic financial services 
  5. Solutions for Startups 
  6. Diverse ecosystem 

On my part, I created an account and carried out a few spot trades and it went smoothly and successfully. Feel free to guess the token I bought on 5ROI. If you love new experiences, head up to the 5ROI Global website or simply download the mobile app and start trading. Oh, before we move on, below is an image of the spot trade I took and the token I bought was Dogecoin. We’ll talk about why I bought Doge another day.

5roi global spot trade

How To Withdraw SBULL Tokens

I know this is what you have all been waiting for. Yes, I know, but it didn’t hurt to know more about 5ROI Global. At least now, we know they are legit. Since we now know they are legit, let’s head straight to how we can withdraw our SBULL token. I know most of us who joined the airdrop must have been wondering why you are unable to withdraw the SBULL tokens you were given. That is because, the airdrop has a simple rule that must be met, and once you fulfill this rule, your SBULL tokens will be unlocked for you to withdraw.

The rule is this;

The received SBULL token will be unlocked after 90 days since the account successfully made any spot trade on 5ROI Global

What does that statement mean? It’s simple. For your SBULL tokens to be unlocked so you can withdraw them, you must place a spot trade on 5ROI global. You can buy/sell any coin of your choice on the 5ROI spot market and you will become eligible. Note that 5ROI spot trading has a minimum amount of $10, so make sure you use at least $10 to buy/sell the coin or token of your choice on the 5ROI spot market.

After 90 days from the day you take your first spot trade, your SBULL tokens will be unlocked for you to withdraw. In my case, I made a spot trade by buying Dogecoin on February 15, 2022. This means that in 90 days (May 15, 2022), my SBULL tokens will be unlocked for me to withdraw. It is that simple.


I know that a lot of us might be wondering if it is worth it to take the spot trade and wait for 90 days to get the airdrop unlocked. On my part, I will say “Yes, it is worth it”. Here is why I say so. Spot trading is something we already do on different exchanges without getting paid for it, but 5ROI is giving out the SBULL airdrop for this same action. And more, you are free to withdraw and send out the coin or tokens you bought or sold on 5ROI spot trading. So here is my final take. Just use 5ROI Global as your normal exchange for buying and selling your favorite cryptos and, before you know it, your 90 days will be complete and your airdrops will be unlocked for you. Mine is already counting and I cannot wait to share with you all my earnings in May 2022.