How To Earn Bitcoin In 2022 With Illusive Moose - A Step By Step Guide

how to earn bitcoin

It’s 2022, and a lot of us are pondering how to earn Bitcoin this year. Are you an influencer, a blogger, a content writer, a YouTuber, or a digital marketer looking to earn Bitcoin this year? Look no further, as this article will quench your thirst and put you on the right path to earning bitcoin either passively or actively with Illusive Moose. I know you are wondering what Illusive Moose is and how you can earn Bitcoin from it while doing what you love doing best-being an influencer. Follow this step-by-step guide to find out.

What Is Illusive Moose?

Put in simple terms, Illusive Moose is an ad network or affiliate marketing platform that is built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. If you are wondering what the Bitcoin Lightning Network is, please read our Bitcoin Lightning Network ultimate guide here. The model offered by Illusive Moose cannot be found with regular ad networks like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Advertising, which are now actively boycotting ads related to cryptocurrencies in general.

Regular ad networks and affiliate marketing platforms, like the ones we mentioned above, offer a model where they pay affiliates in bulk or monthly. With Illusive Moose, the story is different as the platform uses a “pay-as-you-go” model. This means that influencers don’t have to wait till the end of the month or earn large amounts before they can get paid. Payments are instant with Illusive Moose.

How To Join Illusive Moose As An Influencer

Joining the illusive moose platform as an influencer is easy. Just follow these easy steps and you will be done in a minute.

  • Step 1. Lightning Wallet: Create a bitcoin lightning wallet by downloading either of these wallets: Muun wallet, Phoenix wallet, or Blue wallet. This is the wallet you will use to withdraw your earnings from the illusive moose platform.
  • Step 2. Signup: Create an account on the platform by visiting the website and then logging into your account.
  • Step 3. Register As Influencer: On the website, click on the “Make Bitcoin as Influencer” menu item. At step number 2, click on “Register Influencer“.

Congratulations! You have successfully registered as an influencer on the illusive moose platform. Now let’s dive into how you can earn bitcoin on the platform as an influencer.

how to earn bitcoin

How To Earn Bitcoin As An Influencer On Illusive Moose

After registering as an influencer, it is easy to start earning on the illusive moose platform. Follow the steps below to start earning:

  • Step 1. Visit Listed Businesses: On the “Make Bitcoin as Influencer” page on the website, click on “view listed businesses” and you will be taken to the listed business page where you can see all the businesses you can earn bitcoin with. Click on the business you want to promote.
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  • Step 2. Promote your affiliate link: After clicking on the listed business, you will see your affiliate link, which you can start promoting on your blog, social media, or YouTube channel and start earning bitcoin right away. Earnings are calculated in Satoshi and the total Sats you can earn for each listed business and the number of clicks needed is shown on the listed business page.
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How To Withraw Your Illusive Moose Earnings

As stated earlier, Illusive Moose operates on a pay-as-you-go model, so earnings can be withdrawn almost instantly. To withdraw, click on “My Account” and select the “influencer menu” option. On the influencer page, you will see the total amount of Bitcoin you have earned. To withdraw, all you need to do is create a receiver invoice on your Bitcoin Lightning wallet (Muun wallet, Blue wallet, or Phoenix wallet) and paste the invoice address in the box titled “Lightning invoice to be added” and then click on the “update influencer” button. That is all. Your bitcoin will be sent to your wallet of choice almost instantly.

how to withdraw illusive moose


If you are looking to earn Bitcoin online while doing what you love doing best – being an influencer, then illusive moose is your best fit. From registration to getting your affiliate links and to getting paid is easy. Currently, I am also using Illusive moose to earn bitcoins passively. In my next article, I will share my personal experience and my earnings from illusive moose with you all. Till then, get started with illusive moose and start earning.