How To Earn SBull Tokens Worth Over $100 With 5ROI Airdrop

sbull token airdrop

Yes, it’s true! With the 5ROI airdrop, you can earn SBULL tokens worth over $100 for free. A lot of airdrops have been dropping in the crypto space lately, and more and more people are confused about which is real and which is fake. We are putting up an article to help you identify real, legit airdrops. For now, let us focus on the SBULL token airdrop and why you should take advantage of the opportunity to earn some dollars.

About SBULL Token

SuperBull is a project specializing in the production of NFTs that was created for a community that believes in the “bull market,” that the cryptocurrency market will continue to rise quickly, with the goal of working together to produce a more developed society. Simultaneously, the project aids economic recovery and development following the epidemic, reduces social distance, and brings people closer together. To do so, SuperBull donates half of its whole supply to charity, bringing together individuals and huge organizations from all over the world.

SuperBull’s SBULL coin is a cryptocurrency that runs on the Binance Smart Chain platform. In addition, investors will pay 5% of the fee to existing SBULL token holders and 5% of the fee will be contributed to the liquidity pool for each SBULL token transaction.

So clearly, the superbull token wants to solve some of the world’s problems. From all ramifications, one can see that the superBull protect looks good. You can delve through the token whitepaper for more information.

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SBULL Token Airdrop

5ROI exchange together with SuperBull launched the SBULL Token Airdrop program with extremely attractive rewards, details are:

1. Time: From January 20th, 2022, to February 20th, 2022.

2. Participants: All prospective and current users of 5ROI Global.

3. Event content: The first 1 million members participating will share the bonus fund with the following tasks:

  • New registration: 140,000,000 SBULL.
  • Directly refer friends to participate in trading at 5ROI Global: 28,000,000 SBULL/referral.
  • Indirectly refer friends to participate in trading at 5ROI Global: 7,000,000 SBULL/referral.

4. Allocation time:

  • The system will allocate SBULL Token up to 3 days after completing the task successfully.
  • The received SBULL will be locked and unlocked after 90 days since the account successfully made any spot trade on 5ROI Global.


  • The system will allocate SBULL Token according to the principle: Eligible members to participate in the program will be distributed first SBULL Token.
  • Eligible members to participate in the program coming after the system distributes all SBULL Token bonus funds will not receive the reward.

How To Participate

To participate in the airdrop and earn some free SBull tokens is simple and free. To begin, simply register on 5ROI exchange HERE if you don’t already have an account. You will be given 140,000,000 SBull tokens upon registration. To earn more, simply refer your friends to join 5ROI exchange.

To be eligible to withdraw the SBull tokens at the end of the airdrop, you will need to trade a minimum of $10 on the 5ROI exchange platform. Easy as pie right?


5ROI exchange had initially launched an airdrop some months back which a lot of us did benefit from and this current SBull airdrop will be no different. Grab this opportunity and earn yourself some free tokens. 5ROI is a trusted exchange so you have nothing to fear. Enjoy.