How To Send And Receive SMS Anonymously Using Bitcoin Lightning Network

send and receive sms anonymously

Do you crave the ability to send and receive SMS anonymously? A service built on the bitcoin lightning network is here to help you do just that. With SMS4SATS, you can receive registration activation codes from any online service and also send SMS without giving away your personal number and protecting your privacy.


SMS4SATS is an online SMS service built on the bitcoin lightning network that offers complete privacy when sending or receiving SMS. Fees are very minimal and are charged in Satoshi. This service is very important for persons who want to remain anonymous when sending or receiving SMS online.

How Does It Work?

Using SMS4SATS to send and receive and receive SMS anonymously is very easy. Let us go through the steps to send and receive SMS using SMS4SATS.

Step 1. Receive SMS

  • Visit the SMS4SATS website.
  • Select the Receive SMS tab.
  • Pick a country and service
  • Pay the Lightning Network invoice
  • Receive the SMS you requested
receive sms

Step 2. Send SMS:

  • Visit SMS4SATS website
  • Select the Send SMS tab
  • Enter Phone number and text
  • Pay the Lightning Network invoice
  • Send SMS
send sms

Final Words

It’s true that the internet is flooded with free SMS sending and receiving services. But the big question is how many of them really work? Though SMS4SATS charges a little fee, the main thing is it works and can get you your desired results. Give it a try today and thank me later.